How to REALLY stay warm: The Three-layer method

If you practise an outdoor sport that usually takes place in cold circumstances, there’s a big chance you use this method already. I’m talking about the three-layer method, which helps preventing you from getting wet and keeps you warm. Generally, the first layer is meant to keep your skin dry and should carry away any sweat to the outer layers. The second (middle) layer’s function is to insulate and the outer layer is meant as a shell, that will protect you from external factors like wind and rain, while letting sweat from the inside out evaporate at the same time.

But, even if you’re no sporty spice, this layering method is the perfect protector against the cold that is inevitably upon is. While I am writing this, temperatures are around freezing points here in The Netherlands and winter hasn’t even started yet. Time to bundle up! I can understand that you don’t want to walk around in your ski uniform and Cutler and Gross Glasses all day, but don’t worry there are other options that will do the trick just fine.

For the inner layer, try wearing a natural fabric. Silk or fine wool (the finer, the less itchy) for example are great choices. Obviously, you don’t want your first layer to already be bulky, so just opt for a (long sleeve) tee. Whatever you choose, make sure the fabric allows your skin to breathe.

Remember the second layer should keep you warm and comfortable, so you could go for a cosy knitted sweater or cardigan. It doesn’t have to be super oversized, as long as the fabric is right.

The outer layer should protect you against the weather, so ultimately should be wind- and waterproof. Furthermore, it needs to be breathable, otherwise you can still get sweaty, even when you’re just walking around. Even though it’s not completely waterproof, wool is water-resistant. So whenever it’s not super wet outside, a woollen coat is perfect!

You can add more layers if you want, but it’s not going to make a difference. If you use these three layers properly, that is really all you need.

Did you know about this method already? If not, let me know if you’re going to try it out!

By admin