High CBD - A Newfound And Effective Remedy To Ease Your Anxiety


Cannabis is supposed to be a solid treatment for people coping with anxiety. But not all types of cannabis are safe. Some strains may cause or exacerbate anxiety. Therefore, you should pick a strain that has a high CBD-THC ratio.

What are THC AND CBD

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are the major active ingredients in cannabis. They’re quite similar in form, but there’s just one very significant difference.

THC is known to be a psychoactive substance, whileCBD Is not. It is THC that triggers the high, which is associated with marijuana, including the fear and anxiety that some people feel.

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Although not exactly treating anxiety, the usage of high-CBD strains can help to relieve some symptoms, particularly when used with other treatments, such as therapy.

High CBD strains which are worth trying to help ease anxiety

  • Remedy

This strain has a lemon-pine smell. Most users suggest it because of its potential to soothe you without the outer body and head effects of high-THC strains. It is a 14% CBD strain that causes very little psychoactive effects.

  • Lifter

The lifter is an upcoming and new type of cannabis. It contains about 16 percent CBD with almost no THC at all. Its scent is characterized as a “pinch of fuel with funky cheese” It’s relaxing effects that won’t put a dent on your concentration or work.

  • ACDC

Another 14 percent CBD strain is favored by people who alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain without getting stoned. It does not contain any significant amount of THC. The two most prevalent words that describe its effects are “relaxed” and “happy,”

  • Cherry Wine

If you enjoy the scent of cheese and wine, Cherry Wine is the strain for you. It contains about 17 percent CBD along with as little as 1% THC. Users say that it helps to relax your muscles and head without any mind-altering effects. ⠀

  • Harle-Tsu

Laboratory studies have found that it contains 21.05 percent CBD with 0.86 percent THC. This optimum ratio makes it a preference for people trying to lower their anxiety level, cheer up their mood, and boost concentration. It was also awarded as the best CBD flower at the Emerald Cup.

How to be safer while experimenting with a new strain

Go slow and steady by selecting the lowest level THC strain you can get.. Give it plenty of time to show its effects before you consider consuming more.

If you smoke, stop holding your breath to reduce exposure to unhealthy by-products of smoke. Consider non-smoking approaches, like CBD edibles, to protect the lungs. Cannabis smoke contains many of the same toxic substances as cigarette smoke.

Do not use cannabis if you are pregnant and avoid driving if you feel any effects for a minimum of 6 hours after use.


Much research has been going on, primarily on CBD, as a possible way to treat anxiety. Although it’s not a tried-and-tested method, some people find it beneficial to relieve some of their common problems.

Before trying high-CBD strains, just to ensure that you follow up with the anxiety medication prescribed by your doctor.



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