Whilst conventional methods of medicine work well for some people, many people with eczema find that it simply doesn’t work. If you are in need of a remedy for your eczema, perhaps it is time to try the more natural route. These methods are not currently recommended for children due to a lack of research for that demographic. Here are a few different things you can try to hopefully help you to manage your eczema. Each individual case is different so if you are unsure whether a particular method is right for you, speak to a healthcare provider. 


Honey is naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, making it the perfect thing to calm sore skin and help to heal any damaged skin. Whilst not a lot of research has been completed in this area, the current findings suggest that there is evidence that the characteristics of honey make it a natural therapeutic agent for various medicinal purposes. 

Make sure your hands are clean and apply a small layer of honey to the affected areas, cover and leave overnight. If done consistently this should help to heal eczema whilst also keeping the skin hydrated. 

Sunflower Oil

This is another product that has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce the itchiness and inflammation that comes with eczema. It also helps to keep the skin supple and soft. Simply apply a small amount of sunflower oil to the affected area twice a day, once when the skin is still moist, whilst monitoring any changes. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be a fantastic natural healer for eczema. Low levels of vitamin D in the body have been associated with skin conditions like eczema, so try to access as much sunlight as possible. You can also consume vitamin D through your diet in oily fish, red meat, eggs and leafy greens, or through vitamin D tablets


According to Ayurvedic tradition, turmeric is a fantastic ingredient to help with healing due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The spice can be consumed orally by adding it to a range of different foods or drinks, for example turmeric and paprika roasted sweet potatoes or the increasingly popular turmeric lattes. 

Or, to apply it directly to the skin, try mixing one part turmeric with two parts water and heat to create a paste. When it is cooled, apply to the area in need and cover, leaving overnight. This can cause temporary skin staining so perhaps leave this until you don’t have any plans coming up!


Many people believe that there are paths of energy which flow through the body, and if these paths are blocked, then illnesses such as eczema can arise. So, acupuncture is used as a means of responding to the blockage to allow the energy to flow freely, thus relieving symptoms of illness. 

If you are interested in having acupuncture, speak to a professional who will be able to advise you on the best practice for yourself. This is a natural method that has the potential to make a significant difference. 

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